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So many! And did we tell you? It’s free!

If you love thrift store deals (and of course you do, you thrifty shopper you) then you’ll want to join our new VIP Club to take advantage of all these benefits:

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The VIP Club is the only way to guarantee you’ll receive coupons. (Though we may, on occasion, offer sales to the general public.)

Birthday Coupon sent 1 week before your birthday, valid for 3 weeks after your birthday (one month total)

Exclusive VIP Member-Only coupons and discounts

Exclusive VIP Members-Only sales and events throughout the year

“First to Know” VIP announcements about sales and promotions

*In all Ohio and some Michigan stores. We’re currently in the process of transitioning our Michigan stores, and we anticipate loyalty points will be available at all stores by early May 2021.

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